Thursday, June 23, 2011

Kathleens' Diet Is Gonna Kill us All!!!!

I spent 2 days at the Gallery with Kathleen (all the time secretly praying that God would get me out alive)! She bitched and moaned and whinned about EVERYTHING!!!! Then I walk in today and she is sweet and all smiles and thrilled to see me! (Scared me shitless! I assumed the voices in her head had quit screaming at her!)  She informed me of what a great day she was having! (All I could think was "if I run really, really fast I might be able to get away before this crazy bitch turns physco again)!  Kathleen...I'm home now, 150 miles away. I feel safe to say to you...EAT SOME FREAKIN' CHOCOLATE you loon case!!!!
                                                                                                          Your friend

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