Sunday, July 24, 2011

Starting A New Life

Unlike most, I love starting over! I love having the opportunity to re-invent myself! (I needed to...the old Molly was getting boring!) I've found a new me I didn't know was in there!  A little over a year ago I decided to pick up a paint brush.....and fell in love. I stared painting my best chicken friend Romeo.
Then I tried my hand at abstract.  Being raised in the 50's and 60's, that modern abstract, retro style stuck with me. I can remember how cool mom and dad had our home decorated.  My abstract paintings reflect that time. Moving back home to Excelsior gives me the chance to open a new chapter in my life. 

With the love of my life, Charlie, at my side, I get to start anew. This time I think I'll be a crazy artist! I'll create all kinds of silly things! I'll paint til' the wee hours of the morning then wake up Charlie and show him my new painting!
   I feel so lucky, so thankful and so blessed.  Oh my gosh that was serious! You won't see that again!!!! Here comes the new and improved...
Crazy Molly Roberts!!!!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wire Wrapping Class!!!

Well....I've had a bunch of crazy women request that I teach a wire wrapping class so...guess what...??? I'm teaching a wire wrapping class!!!!  Saturday, August 6th 10am. to 3pm! With a gourmet lunch catered by Willow Springs Merchantile. We'll be doing 2 projects. An awsome beaded wire mobile and a vintage silverware suncatcher ornament! Warning: You will be completely addicted to wire wrapping at the end of this class! Be prepared to want to wire wrap EVERYTHING that gets in your way after attending this!!! All supplies included! Be prepared to have great fun and go home with 2 wonderful pieces of wire art!!!
Date: Saturday, August 6th
Time: 10am to 3 pm
Lunch included
Cost: $75.00
Call Kathleen @ 816-213-1221 to sign up!!!