Sunday, July 24, 2011

Starting A New Life

Unlike most, I love starting over! I love having the opportunity to re-invent myself! (I needed to...the old Molly was getting boring!) I've found a new me I didn't know was in there!  A little over a year ago I decided to pick up a paint brush.....and fell in love. I stared painting my best chicken friend Romeo.
Then I tried my hand at abstract.  Being raised in the 50's and 60's, that modern abstract, retro style stuck with me. I can remember how cool mom and dad had our home decorated.  My abstract paintings reflect that time. Moving back home to Excelsior gives me the chance to open a new chapter in my life. 

With the love of my life, Charlie, at my side, I get to start anew. This time I think I'll be a crazy artist! I'll create all kinds of silly things! I'll paint til' the wee hours of the morning then wake up Charlie and show him my new painting!
   I feel so lucky, so thankful and so blessed.  Oh my gosh that was serious! You won't see that again!!!! Here comes the new and improved...
Crazy Molly Roberts!!!!!

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  1. Sweetest Post Ever! I Wish You And Charlie Blessings In Your Newest Endeavor. As I'm Writing This..I'm Looking At The Photo Of You And Romeo. Molly ~ That's A Painting Right There If I Ever Saw One!